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Nine "Joint Resolutions" for a Better School Year

altIt's not too late! Work with your child to set a few joint resolutions to make this school semester a success for both of you! These academic resolutions will help you and your child tune up your habits and alleviate stress that can interfere with the learning process. your social media marketing partner
Find a Hobby That You Will Enjoy!

A hobby can bring tremendous joy and satisfaction to moms! Do you have one? If not, here’s how to choose one--or possibly more than one--that suits you. A hobby should be something that when you get up in the morning on your day off (yeah, like we moms are ever really get a day “off”), you will be able to say, "Great, today I can enjoy my hobby," or "I can't wait to get the kids in bed”, because your hobby is waiting for you! You should be so absorbed when doing your hobby that you might even lose track of time.

Finding the right hobby takes a little thought and experiment. Start by making a list of all the possible hobbies you even think you would be interested in. Search your mind back to when you were younger too. Maybe you decorated a vintage dollhouse as a child and really enjoyed it. Maybe your drawing or painting was hung in the hall at your grammar school because it was so good. At this point you just want to list a lot of possibilities, no matter how odd they may seem.

Ask yourself these questions about each hobby on your list: your social media marketing partner
Editor's Pick - The Fish Place
Have you eaten at The Fish Place in Magnolia? They're located just outside The Woodlands, at FM 2978 and FM 1488, in the Kroger shopping center. Oh my goodness! Talk about some of the best seafood we've had in a long time (and that's counting our recent trip to New Orleans). your social media marketing partner
Make Your Black Friday Shopping Fun & Successful!

Black Friday is a shopping fest and has over the years become a religion of sorts. The Friday after Thanksgiving is awaited for with bated breath by shoppers young and old as the best deals for holiday shopping are offered on Black Friday. With the advent of the cyber marketplace Black Friday shopping has new dimensions. There are websites and online shopping discounts galore. Shoppers need to log on and by registering at their favorite website customers can get sneak pre-views on online and offline bonanzas.

Black Friday shopping brings excitement and adventure and customers look forward to the adventure. Here are a few pointers which can help male Black Friday a great success: your social media marketing partner
That Delicate Matter of Second or Third Baby Showers - Can You Even Have More Than One?

Ah, etiquette. We all want to tiptoe within its bounds, and avoid ticking off our closest friends and family when major life events roll around - like your new baby.

And yet, so often in modern life, it seems like the old ways don't always cover the new realities.  Things really were simpler back when the rules were drawn up!

So, how to navigate the do's and don'ts when you're preggers again ... and again? After all, it's probably safe to assume that this baby rocks your world just as much as your first did.

So is a second (or third) shower okay, or will you be viewed as an opportunistic gift grabber? Is there any sneaky way around the horns of this dilemma - or must you throw in the baby towel, pass on the shower and just order out for pizza instead, skip the anchovies? Read on for the answers! your social media marketing partner

“I loathe laundry.  So I only do it two days a week.  I do my kids’ (I have little ones) laundry on Tuesday and our laundry on Wednesday.  It is all finished by each day and I don’t have to do it again until the next week.  Doing a little bit of laundry every day doesn’t make me feel like I accomplish anything.  Doing it this way gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I love it!” – Amy K. your social media marketing partner
10 Tips to Having a Successful Family Game Night

To make Game Night a success at your house, here are some tips on how to get started:

1.     Agree on a night and time when everyone is available. Don't make the mistake of scheduling during your son's football practice or your daughter's piano lesson.

2.     Don't let anyone out of game night unless it is a really important occasion. If they start missing for every little thing that comes up, eventually there will be no one left to play!

3.     Decide as a family what games will be played. Vote on them and choose from several that you can switch between. If you take turns choosing which of the chosen games you will play, then keep a record of who chose last and whose turn it is every week.

4.     Choose games that are age appropriate for the whole family. You don't want to play Chutes and Ladders every week and the little ones can't keep up with more complicated games. Look for those marked "All Ages".

5.     Don't answer the phone. Have the machine pick up any calls to make sure you don't miss anything important. Otherwise, you will end up stopping to wait for conversations that interfere with your family's special time. your social media marketing partner
Super Nanny Wants YOU!

The casting team of ABC's popular parenting series SUPERNANNY is casting for the new season of the show and they’ll be in Texas this month to meet with interested moms and dads! ABC is looking for families with children (toddlers to teens) to take part in the hit television series featuring Jo Frost, America’s #1 nanny! your social media marketing partner
Your Child Can Behave in Public!

Do you have a little one who can't seem to sit still when you're out to eat? If this is the case then you'll love the "The Manager is Watching" technique. When children are little they seem to enjoy pushing the limits. They quickly understand how far they can go before mommy or daddy will get serious. This is why it's important to already have a discipline plan in place before heading out in public. your social media marketing partner
Top 7 Back-To-School Tips for Moms
altKids aren't the only ones who struggle with the back to school transition. Adjusting to a child's back to school routine and related events can be stressful and taxing for parents as well. Below are some tips to help you overcome the back-to-school blues. your social media marketing partner
Should You Give That Extracurricular Activity “the Boot”?
Does your daughter grumble when it’s time to go for her piano lessons? Does your son abhor the sight of his skates now? What happened? After all, they were both very enthusiastic about the programs when they started off. Is it time to give these activities the boot? We’re often confused by the disturbing and incongruous signals we receive from our children. One day the kids are excited about the new theatre class, and in just a few short weeks they wail and moan when it's time to go. your social media marketing partner
Get Your Bags - We've Found Your Summer Jackpot!
We know a secret. Pssst… come closer. There’s a knock-your-socks-off tropical retreat just a short drive from The Woodlands. There’s no need to miss Vacation Bible School, and summer camp plans can stay intact. Don’t believe us? At only an hour and fifteen minutes away, Galveston’s luxurious Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center delivers BIG family fun this summer and all year-round. You’ll get your fill of exhilarating activities and non-stop fun, yet still be home in time to wash the kids’ suits for Monday’s swim lesson. your social media marketing partner
Fast, Festive Summer Meals
Hey moms - shouldn't summertime living be easier? Nature gives us everything we need to create simple, luscious, healthy meals -- it’s up to us to slow down long enough to enjoy the bounty. With extended daylight hours and no need to nag the kids about homework, dinnertime at your house can take on a whole new tone. Shake things up a bit this summer and have fun with these simple meal ideas. You'll win over even the pickiest eaters! your social media marketing partner
Is Your Trampoline Safe Enough?
Big backyard? Extra money? Bored or inactive kids? That’s the perfect recipe for buying a new trampoline! While there’s no doubt trampolines are fun for children and adults, did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of home trampolines? your social media marketing partner
Make Dinnertime Kid-Friendly

If you're like most moms, you'd love to have a nice dinner where you can relax, enjoy good food and good conversation.  When it comes to our kids, however, their idea of a good dinner would most likely be eating a slice of pizza before diving into a pool of multi-colored, plastic balls, and playing the video games at the local kid’s restaurant.  While we're not going to suggest that you get a large, inflatable, bouncing area moved into your dining room, we do have a few small tips that may help your kids and you enjoy dinnertime at home, together. your social media marketing partner
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