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Your Family's Cinco de Mayo

Are you having a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo? As a mom who homeschools, I always intend on doing something really cool for the holiday, and then it comes and goes so quickly that I forget! This year, I’ve begun planning early. I see bright colors, Mexican food and music, hat-making and more in my future. Are you interested in doing something fun and cultural for your family for Cinco de Mayo too? Whether it’s an evening time dinner celebration or an all-day extravaganza, these are some ideas to help you pull it off.

Nachos for all! 

Even if you don’t know your way around a kitchen, Tex-Mex is an easy cuisine to put together. A taco salad, nachos (melted Velveeta cheese mixed with milk Rotel, and add ground beef if you’d like), enchiladas (they’re super easy to make!), tacos, perhaps some margaritas for the big kids, tamales, and the list goes on. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day to make your famous homemade guacamole (or if you don’t make your own, pick up the delicious stuff at H-E-B). You might also consider grabbing a party pack of fajitas from Lupe Tortilla, Chili’s, Pappasito’s or your favorite Mexican restaurant.


Have you heard of the Mexican hat dance? There are variations, but the simplest versions can easily be found with a quick search on YouTube. Try this one by DJ Dancing David – it’s fun, and the kids will catch on in no time. You’ll also want to grab a few Mexican culture-centered books from the library, such as "P is for Pinata" by Tony Johnston or "Off We Go to Mexico" by Laurie Krebs. Add maraca-making to the mix,if it can fit into your party schedule.

Costumes & Decor

Colors of the Mexican flag (red, green, and white) are good choices for your décor and costumes, and hot outfits and accessories will make your party a hit. What’s a Cinco de Mayo bash without sombreros? Nothing says good times like big hats! Sombreros are fun to wear for all ages, and make for some great photo shots. They’re easy to find at Party City, and while you’re there, pick up chili pepper necklaces, plus colorful paper fans and streamers to spice up your décor. Set the table with mini maracas, lots of colorful paper ware, and a cactus centerpiece. Mariachi music? Absolutely!  Add a candy-filled piñata for everyone to take a swing at, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo celebration! your social media marketing partner
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