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5 Tips to Help you Drink More Water
Is it hard for you to chug down your 8 cups of water each day? (For the record, the actual recommended amount varies, based on age and weight). If you're like me, drinking water throughout the day is no easy feat. I find myself counting down each ounce, and I don't quite make my goal until about 11pm each night.

Experts say your daily water allowance should be pure water (if only tea and Kool-Aid would count!). Especially with the triple-digit temperatures our summer days often yield, drinking water to help maintain your body's balance of fluids is very important. Dehydration is serious business! But did you also know that drinking water can help to control calories, energize muscles, and keep your skin looking great? There are other benefits too, but I guess one we simply can't overlook is that proper hydration will make your trips to the ladies' room just a bit more comfortable, if you know what I mean.
If you think you need to be drinking more, below are 5 tips to help you:
1. Have a glass of water when you first wake up, then have water with every snack or meal.
2. Carry water with you, especially when you leave the house. You'll find yourself taking small sips without even thinking about it, just because it's there. (Be careful about keeping plastic bottles in hot vehicles). 
3. Keep it spicy. This isn't scientific advice, but whenever I'm struggling to get in my daily dose of H2O, I find that eating spicier foods help! One bite of a hot pepper and I can't put my water glass down. Add a bit of crushed red pepper to your dinner plate and let the chugging begin.
4. Flavor your water with lemon or orange slices. Unlike getting your water from brewed tea, a bit of a natural flavor enhancer doesn't add much extra work for your kidneys. 
5. Set up a reminder. Use your phone to log your ounces and remind you of when you're due for your next sip. your social media marketing partner
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