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Why Not Toys? Local Toy Store Fascinates Shoppers!
Written by Karen Logan   
"Wow!!" That's what my husband and I kept exclaiming as we walked deeper and deeper into Why Not Toys, hands down the cutest and coolest toy store around, located in Old Town Spring.
This week we decided to explore the charming shopping district of Old Town Spring with our 4 munchkins, and the amazing toy shop was the very first store we entered. I'd visited in the past (without hubby), and all I remember of that visit is that it was a quick in-and-out type of thing (I can't remember why we had to leave so quickly. Perhaps one of the kids were being unruly.) I was thrilled to experience the store for a 2nd time, because it was nothing like I'd remembered it. We walked through room after room (after room) of some of the most fascinating toys around. There were figurines, dolls, board games, stuffed animals, tents, crafts, vintage toys, wind-ups, books, puppets, kitchens, trucks, cash registers, puzzles, monsters and so much more. It was a delight for the senses, and I really don't know who enjoyed the store more, the kids or myself!
The store is bright, lively, and fresh, and the personnel was talkative and friendly.  The toddler pushed a shopping cart, climbed into the tents, sat at a desk, and played with a dollhouse. The preschooler enjoyed quiet time in one of the beautiful tents that hung from the ceiling. The big girls couldn't keep their hands off EVERYTHING, but it was okay, because the employees expect and encourage you to experience the toys and have a great time. I believe you can spend an entire hour in the store and still not be ready to leave. There isn't a space within the store that doesn't have something fun to see, including the ceiling! We really LOVED the tents - they make good book nooks and hideouts for the little ones, but they fell a little outside our budget this time. We finally left with a Madame Alexander doll, a stuffed rabbit, and a mermaid doll whose wings light up. I simply cannot wait for another opportunity to visit Why Not Toys. You should totally join me! your social media marketing partner
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