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First Grade - Book List

First graders start reading, and before long they can read almost anything! Don’t forget to take time to read to your child and enjoy your favorite books over and over.

  •          Even though your first grader can read, keep reading to her regularly.
  •          Give your child lots of opportunities to read to you.
  •          Take a book with you wherever you go, and enjoy books in the car.
  •          Reread books often and talk about the books together.
  •          Always remember to keep reading fun, never frustrating. 

Olivia by Ian Falconer
Olivia is a pig who is good at many things like singing, dancing, and scaring her brother! She is a funny pig! Check out all the Olivia books in you like this one.

Ivy & Bean by Annie Barrows; Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
When seven-year-old Bean plays a mean trick on her sister, she finds her new neighbor, Ivy, very interesting!

The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein
A captivating tale of a circle in search of its missing piece.

The Jungle Grapevine by Alex Beard
This clever book shows how rumors get started and quickly get out of hand. Will they ever get the message right?

Sparky! by Jenny Offill; Illustrated by Chris Appelhans
This is a quirky and funny book about a girl who gets a sloth for a pet. But, how much fun is a sloth really?

Lucky Ducklings: A True Rescue Story by Eva Moore; Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
This is the true story of five ducklings that were rescued when they fell through a water grate.

Owl Moon by Jane Nolen
A fascinating story of a boy’s walk in the wood late at night with his Pa.

Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester L. Laminack; Illustrated by Henry Cole
When THAT peacock showed up on the Tucker’s farm, everything changed! After some fussing, everyone learned they each have their own important roles on the farm.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman
A spiraling baking-an-apple-pie adventure from the market to apple picking.

Little Bear by Else Homelund Minarik; Illustrated by Maurice Sendak
This is the first in a series of books about Little Bear. This classic book includes four separate stories about Little Bear including his trip to the moon, how he gets dressed for cold weather, and has a birthday party.

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds
Leon learns from his sister, Marison, that his work doesn’t need to be perfect to be important.

Katie and the Mona Lisa by James Mayhew
Five famous Italian Renaissance paintings come alive for Katie when she steps into the picture frames. 

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
Nothing frightens Madeline—not tigers, not mice, not even getting sick. To Madeline, a trip to the hospital is a grand adventure.

Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel
This classic story is part of series that tells the short, delightful tales about two best friends – Frog and Toad.

Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DaCosta; Illustrated by Ed Young
Late at night, will the ninja complete his mission? Wait and see!

Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell
Young Jane Goodall learns about watching everything around her. One day, she becomes a researcher of chimpanzees. What do you like to do?

Bedtime is Cancelled by Cece Meng; Illustrated by Aurelie Neyret
When Maggie and her brother write a silly note that “Bedtime is Cancelled” the news spreads quickly and everyone thinks it is real. Everyone stays up late! Oh NO! What will happen?

Penny and Her Marble by Kevin Henkes
This beginning chapter book tells the story of Penny, who finds a marble. But when she feels guilty and returns the marble, she gets a surprise!

Exclamation Mark! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld
This book is all about the exclamation mark fitting in and standing up in just the right places.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt; Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
Poor Duncan – he only wants to color, but all his crayons wave written him letters about why they each QUIT! What will Duncan do? This funny story will make you laugh and look at all your crayons in a new way.

Henry and Mudge: The First Book by Cynthia Rylant; Illustrated by Sucie Stevenson
This beginning chapter book is part of a series about Henry, a boy, and Mudge, Henry’s dog. What will happen when Mudge gets lost?

Secret Agent SPLAT! by Rob Scotton
Splat the Cat notices some things that aren’t quite right at the house. He musters all his bravery and becomes Secret Agent SPLAT to solve the mystery.

Katie Loves the Kittens by John Mimmelman
Katie, the family dog, is so excited when three kittens come home. But her excitement scares the kittens. Will they ever by friends? your social media marketing partner
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