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What's Your Child's Bedtime Routine?

If your evenings are chaotic and disorganized, you and your kids need a bedtime routine. The components of a routine will vary from family to family, but being consistent is important for everyone in the family. Ultimately, you should strive to balance four important things:

(1) Cleaning up, (2) Preparing for the next day; (3) Getting ready for bed; (4) Transition time with a parent

1. Cleaning up : Your household will greatly benefit if you and the kids are in the habit of tidying up at the end of the day. It might be easier to clean up before dinner time, with a clean-up game of some sort. Everyone’s personal space should be tended to, toys should be put away and in order, and papers and book piles should be tidied. Note – this rule is NOT just for the kids!

2. Preparing for the next day means setting out clothes (and ironing, if necessary), or at a minimum deciding what to wear. Review the next day’s schedule and decide what items your children will need – a clean swimsuit for lessons? a gymnastics leotard? the books to return to the library? Where is that diaper bag anyway??

2. Getting ready for bed: This part of the bedtime routine is probably pretty similar from household to household. Step 3 includes bathing, getting into jammies, and brushing teeth.

4. Transition time with a parent: At this point, it's a nice time to have some private time with each child, even if it's just a few minutes. This is the step that’s sometimes tempting to blow off, in the interest of time, but don’t. It’s the most important. Time with you could be reading or just cuddling together and talking. Infants will enjoy being hummed to and rocked.  Anything that gives them your undivided attention even for a short time. This is especially crucial with multiple kids.

Give these ideas a try for creating a successful bedtime routine. Like anything else, implementing a routine consistently is the key,
but I bet you'll start to look forward to this special time with your kids. Furthermore, the more efficient your routine is, the sooner you get time for YOURSELF to recharge! your social media marketing partner
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