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Personalized and Creative "Family" Easter Baskets
Easter is a time of fun and celebration, and it's also a time for giving the perfect gift baskets to special people in your life. This year, consider making a deluxe "family" basket for one or more special families that you know. It's easy.

1. Find a suitable basket to hold your Easter gifts.

2. Stuff the basket with artificial grass.

3. Fill the basket with an abundance of useful and fun gift items..

4. Wrap the basket in cellophane, or tie on a colored ribbon.

5. Attach a gift tag or greeting card.

Fill your basket! Use our ideas below!

Food: It's great to fill Easter baskets with mouthwatering food items your recipient can enjoy. Think homemade cookies, bottled Starbuck's coffee drinks,  deluxe pancake mixes, chocolate-covered almonds, gourmet crackers, teas and coffees. Kid-friendly treats include M&M's, jellybeans, marshmallow Peeps, and chocolate lollipops.

Reading material - A book on family fun ideas is a great Easter basket stuffer for the family with young children. Other interesting ideas include magazines like Highlights or Babybug for the kids, or Family Fun or Cooking Light for the grown-ups (or even something scandalous like People, for the recipient who loves to be in the celebrity know!). The important thing is to choose topics in which your recipient family has expressed interest.

Plastic filled eggs - Fill them with candy, silver coins, or other small treats your recipient will enjoy.

Stuffed animals - No matter if the basket is for children or adults, a small stuffed bunny brightens anyone's day. Better yet, these days you can find non-bunny stuffed animals like cute little hedgehogs, elephants, deer, and pretty much any animal you can think of at your local toy store or online at Choose a favorite of your recipient!

Fun and games - Stickers, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, hair barettes, coloring books, and bubbles are good ideas for families with children, and can all be found at the Dollar Store. A gift card to the movies is a great option to include in a "couple's" gift basket or for a family with teens.
Fresh fruit - It's hard to go wrong with apples, oranges, and beautiful pears! Stuff some in for good measure! your social media marketing partner
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