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Add your 2017 Summer Camp to our Directory!

The 2017 Woodlands Summer Camp & Swim Directory is  the definitive camp & swim guide for families in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.
Our online Directory launches March 1, 2017 and stays live on our website through August 15, 2017.

Here's how we're promoting our Camp & Swim Directory:
  • website, including our Home Page (10,000+ unique mommy visitors monthly)
  • E-Newsletter (5500+ opt-in subscribers)
  • Facebook (7200+ fans), plus Facebook ads
  • Twitter (1800+ fans)

Why post in our Camp & Swim Directory?
 - Affordable  (only $55.00 TOTAL for 5 months of advertising!)
- Comprehensive (Last year our Camp Directory boasted 60 local summer camps in 8 different categories. Don't be left out this year!) 
- Far-reaching (thousands of local moms visit our site weekly)
- Convenient  (submit online at anytime, the sooner you submit, the more exposure you get!)
What does my listing include?
 - All your camp's details (fees, schedule, location, contact info)
- 35-word mini description
- 200-word main description
- Camp logo
- Camp photo your social media marketing partner
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