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Indoor Game – The Perfect Low-Action Game for Families, Groups, or Children

Two Truths & a Lie... Remember this game? It's one of the many fun games you can play indoors with your family or friends, and the winter season is all about getting together for some indoor fun!  The players have to think of some facts and trivia about their lives (and also a lie). Of course, it's sometimes hard to play this with your own family because they know you so well, but it's a perfect game for the next game night, date night, party, or get-together. So, have fun … and enjoy LYING! Here's how to play:

# of Players: 3 or more
Objects Needed: Nothing

To start, each person will think of two truths about themselves or things they have done (or not done) in their life, and then they will also have to make up a lie about themselves. Each person will write the truths and the lie on their own piece of paper. The goal is to lie so well that the others playing will not know which of the 3 is the lie. The truths and the lies can be completely random (the more random the better when playing with people who know each other well).

After the truths and lies have been written, players will go in a circle and take turns reading aloud to the group their truths/lie. After each person has read their own truths/lie, everyone will guess by doing a group vote on which one is the lie. So, after the first person has read their truths/lie, everyone will vote for which one they think is that person’s lie. The next person will go and read their truths/lie, and everyone will vote again for theirs, etc.

Any player who correctly guesses and votes for the lie of someone else will receive a point for each correct vote. After each person has read their truths/lie, start another round, and again each person will write down more truths/lie about themselves. The first person to score 10 points is the winner! your social media marketing partner
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