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The Benefits of a TCA Chemical Peel - by Darlene Reed

When I talk to my clients about a chemical peel, I tell them my favorite is the TCA Peel known as Trichloroactic Acid. The TCA chemical peel that I use is specifically compounded by a pharmacist.  TCA peels are considered a medium skin depth treatment and can have a variety of benefits with proper post care, including these major four:

Eliminates Fine Wrinkles
Superficial wrinkles and fine lines occur on the skin as a result of sun damage, a process known as photoaging.  Trichloroatic Acid penetrates the skin to mid-level. Therefore, the layers of skin which contain these fine lines slough off after the chemical peel runs its course. The result is fewer of these shallow wrinkles on the skin surface.

Evens Coloration
Conditions such as melasma and vitilito may create dark or light blotches on the skin, while prolonged sun exposure can cause brown age spots.  A TCA chemical peel can remove the layers of the skin with uneven pigmentation while encouraging the growth of fresh skin with an even tone.

Safe for Light Brown Complexions
Most chemical peels are not recommended for individuals with darker complexions as there is an increased risk of discoloration. Because TCA chemical peels are a medium depth peel, they can be safely used on light brown skin types, allowing these clients to enjoy the benefits of chemical peels.

Improves Texture and Freshness of Skin
When TCA chemical peels penetrate the top layers of skin, those layers are destroyed. This process causes your body to generate new, fresh and firm layers of youthful skin.

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