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Mom's R&R - Our 2017 Summer Bucket List
  • Get a Manicure.
  • Get a deluxe pedicure (nevermind the cost). Choose a polish color youve never tried before.See a grown-up movie at the theater.
  • Read a novel.
  • Read a non-fiction self help book.
  • Learn something new  sewing, knitting, golfing, chess, etc.
  • Host a girls night in. Serve up cocktails and desserts.
  • Attend a ladies night out / in that someone else is hosting.
  • Buy fresh flowers for your kitchen table.       
  • Try a new recipe.        
  • Visit a high-end salon and get the do youve always wanted to try.
  • Buy your favorite candy bar and dont share it with anyone.        
  • Have a glass of wine or sparkling soda.        
  • Dine out at your favorite local restaurant.        
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Dance with your partner.
  • Buy a new sundress.
  • Stay overnight in a luxury hotel.
  • Write a handwritten note to a friend, just because.    
  • Have coffee or tea with an old friend.        
  • Buy new lingerie and enjoy a romantic night with your partner.
  • Do yoga.        
  • Try out a Zumba class.        
  • Update your iPod playlist and enjoy rocking out to your old favorites.        
  • Get a massage.        
  • Have photos taken of just you. Hire a professional photographer or a friend whos good with a camera.       
  • Rent a convertible and take a peaceful drive through the countryside.        
  • Purchase a new body spray / perfume.
  • Hire a one-time housekeeper to get the house spotless. This includes cleaning the blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, carpets, and inside the fridge. your social media marketing partner
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